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Wanted: Dancing Paperclip

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Apparently times are tough at good ol’ Tarjay. They can’t even afford spell check. Take a look at these screenshots, taken from the Target Pharmacy section of at 1:30AM on 1/30/2011.   Pfft, it’s not like a spelling mistake or typo when filling a perscription could have life-threatening consequences — right?

Canker Sore Cures That My Doctor Didn’t Know About

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So – have you ever felt like sometimes you know more than your doctors? I feel that a lot actually, partially because I’m addicted to research, partially because I have a hard time taking “no” for an answer; but also because it seems like doctors go to school, do some on-the-job training, and aside from […]

Ticketmaster Sells Out Its Affiliates

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Boy, do I feel loved. I own a number of other web sites and on some of them I have affiliate links for Ticketmaster embedded within. This allowed me to provide visitors with accurate and easy concert and event information, and of course brought me a few extra bucks in yearly revenue. Not anymore. Time […]