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Netflix SUCKS - The Wise Guys

Netflix Allegedly Making Progress on Closed Captions for Streaming Content

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Earlier this month we received an important update from the National Association of the Deaf and Netflix regarding a class action lawsuit that was filed in federal court over Netflix’s repeated refusals to provide accessibility of streaming content to the hearing impaired. Here is the press release that was sent out: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October […]

Netflix SUCKS - The Wise Guys

Netflix Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Screws Members

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[Check out:]  Plaintiffs, several former Netflix subscribers, brought a class action against Netflix on their own behalf and on behalf of other subscribers like them on claims that Netflix retained and disclosed information, including records of the movies and TV shows its subscribers viewed, in violation of the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA), California’s […]

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Causes and Cures of Small Fiber Neuropathy?

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Here is a scratchpad on some of the things our research has found may cause or contribute to small fiber peripheral neuropathy, and some potential treatment options. Do you have any additions or thoughts? – SFN can be caused by a Vitamin B12 vitamin deficiency, meaning not enough B12 in the blood. – SFN can […]

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Forget H&R Block Password? Please Pay 20 Minutes

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So we regularly do our taxes with H&R Block’s Online “At Home” program. Depending on our situation we’ve used everything from H&R Block At Home Basic, to Deluxe, to Premium. Their system is comprehensive, convenient and a seamless operation – when it works right. This year (for 2011 taxes) started with us forgetting our password. […]

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Surprise Savings From Southwest Airlines Screw-Up

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In today’s volume-driven business climate, it’s rare to be surprised by a random act of kindness or even just a company accepting responsibility for its glaring fault. This past week we were pleasantly shocked by an airline which is even more uncommon. We’ve all watched the 9/11 security fees, body scanner charges, lost change tally, luggage […]

Playstation Network Fail -

Playstation Network hacked: Largest compromise for Sony ever

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Anyone else receive this? Wow.   PlayStation(R)Network Valued PlayStation(R)Network/Qriocity Customer: We have discovered that between April 17 and April 19, 2011, certain PlayStation Network and Qriocity service user account information was compromised in connection with an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into our network. In response to this intrusion, we have: 1) Temporarily turned off PlayStation […]

Where’s My Carrier Pigeon?

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So perhaps you received one of the following two email today. Let’s begin with the first. I received this early in the morning and read it in awe. Dear Valued Best Buy Customer, On March 31, we were informed by Epsilon, a company we use to send emails to our customers, that files containing the […]

To Android or not to Android

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Businesses treat us like crap. AND WE PAY THEM FOR IT! Why? Maybe I should just get an iPhone. Or a Zack Morris Brick Phone. After 8 months of up-and-down GPS hell with Sprint and a Samsung Moment, I was finally convinced to “upgrade” to the Samsung Transform. Well now this one has an interesting “quirk”. […]