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The Great WebMD Conspiracy Theory

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I’m uninsured, so I admittedly try to do a lot of self-diagnosing and avoid expensive trips to my primary care doctor/retail clinic/urgent care/emergency room. I’ve had a sore throat for a few days now and just went to in hopes of getting a little reassurance that it’s not strep. And to my surprise, WebMD […]

Canker Sore Cures That My Doctor Didn’t Know About

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So – have you ever felt like sometimes you know more than your doctors? I feel that a lot actually, partially because I’m addicted to research, partially because I have a hard time taking “no” for an answer; but also because it seems like doctors go to school, do some on-the-job training, and aside from […]

Migraines and Tension Headaches

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I’ve had both since I was a kid – they run in my family. There was a long period when I was in middle and high school when they disappeared. They were gone so long that I actually forgot I had a history. Fast forward to the year after my high school graduation. I was […]