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Netflix SUCKS - The Wise Guys

Netflix Allegedly Making Progress on Closed Captions for Streaming Content

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Earlier this month we received an important update from the National Association of the Deaf and Netflix regarding a class action lawsuit that was filed in federal court over Netflix’s repeated refusals to provide accessibility of streaming content to the hearing impaired. Here is the press release that was sent out: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October […]

Netflix SUCKS - The Wise Guys

Netflix Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Screws Members

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[Check out:]  Plaintiffs, several former Netflix subscribers, brought a class action against Netflix on their own behalf and on behalf of other subscribers like them on claims that Netflix retained and disclosed information, including records of the movies and TV shows its subscribers viewed, in violation of the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA), California’s […]

No Gluten-Free For You - The Celiac Service Nazis in Door County - The Wise Guys

Gluten-Free (less) Door County, Wisconsin

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Sturgeon Bay/Door County Gluten Free Fail We decided on a random impromptu road trip to Door County this weekend. I had just lost my job, and I needed to escape and clear my head. We decided on Snug Inn in Sturgeon Bay. It’s right on the water, and it’s a beautiful cozy hotel. Plus, there’s […]

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Forget H&R Block Password? Please Pay 20 Minutes

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So we regularly do our taxes with H&R Block’s Online “At Home” program. Depending on our situation we’ve used everything from H&R Block At Home Basic, to Deluxe, to Premium. Their system is comprehensive, convenient and a seamless operation – when it works right. This year (for 2011 taxes) started with us forgetting our password. […]

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Pfizer Faux Pas

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So how many of you ladies (and gentlemen) freaked out when you heard about the Pfizer recall on Lo Ovral 28 (ethinyl estradiol and norgestrel) with a certain lot number? Like the millions of other people who apparently used these bad pills, I sure did. So did my husband. We would like children some day, […]

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Surprise Savings From Southwest Airlines Screw-Up

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In today’s volume-driven business climate, it’s rare to be surprised by a random act of kindness or even just a company accepting responsibility for its glaring fault. This past week we were pleasantly shocked by an airline which is even more uncommon. We’ve all watched the 9/11 security fees, body scanner charges, lost change tally, luggage […]

What happened to Digestive Advantage coupons?

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The answer is a little complicated. I have been experiencing some digestive discomfort, namely pretty severe constipation for the last few days. I have no idea why but it may be related to diet or changes in the weather, or my new pants. Who knows. A recommendation was made for Digestive Advantage’s once daily Constipation […]