The Gas Station Nazi: No Coffee For You

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I am honestly so baffled right now that it’s hard to come up with the words that accurately describe the way I’m feeling. Last night I arrived in town to Portland, Oregon on a vacation. I saw a 76 gas station right off the freeway and since we were below ¼ tank I figured it was a good time to fill up. We were leaving the next morning early and I didn’t want to take the time to get gas then.


After I filled up and paid the $75 or so, I was told to sign up for 76’s free “Kickback Rewards” card. The attendant said that you usually even get something free just for making your first purchase. He said to go online and register the card later, enter the details from the gas fill-up and they’d credit you for that purchase too. Actually this was all after the attendant filled my tank up because in Oregon you strangely can’t dispense your own gas.


Oh I should probably give you the exact location of this place. It’s called the Sunnyside 76 at 12405 SE 97th Ave in Clackamas, OR 97015.


I went inside the store, signed up for their loyalty card (Kickback Rewards) and opted to buy a few bags of chips (another $5 ish). I geekingly excitedly swiped the Kickback Rewards card and paid cash. It said I had 19 points and at the very bottom of the receipt it said: “INSTANT MESSAGE! CONGRATULATIONS. YOU JUST EARNED A FREE SMALL COFFEE! PRESENT THIS COUPON TO THE CASHIER TO REDEEM.” It was like 11pm and I needed to sleep, so I asked if I could come back in the morning and get the coffee. The cashier Diego said I could come back whenever I want to get the coffee, just show the receipt. I was like cool.


Fast forward to this morning around 8:30am. I come to the gas station, enter the convenience store portion, fill up a 16oz cup of coffee (their small) and take it to the register. I’m in a pretty good mood at this point since I slept well and we were on our way down the coast toward California. I greet the cashier and ask her how she’s doing. She just stares blankly at me. I’m like uhhh okay (in my head). I said I’m just getting my free coffee! And I show her the receipt. She says “You have 19 points. Not enough for coffee. Need more point.” I will from hereon out attempt to correct her broken English for the sake of not appearing like I’m making fun of her or her linguistic skills. But I will say that her name was Angelica and she reminded me a lot of the mean little Angelica girl from the TV show “Rugrats”. Remember that? LOL. Her attitude was SO similar only SHE was R-rated, not appropriate for children.


I held up the receipt and pointed to the bottom message about getting a free small coffee. She said that she didn’t listen to messages (!!! ?), only points. She told me to scan my card and if there were enough points I would have the coffee. I took a deep breath, realizing that people have varying education levels and probably varying training on customer care. I calmly said that I was confused. I bought gas and food last night, it said on the receipt that was given to me by the store that I get a free coffee and the cashier last night said I could come get it this morning. Then it started getting weird.


Angelica raised her voice, and with every word I said she said something else to talk over me – LOUDLY. I was like is this really happening? She’s going to d*ck me around over a 99 cent coffee? I was like, is there a manager that I can speak with please? She said no manager, just me, no coffee, you pay. I said okay can we start over? And I explained how I came to receive the receipt, what it said on the receipt, and how I was just trying to take advantage of 76 gas stations’ Kickback Rewards program little bonus that printed the coupon on that receipt. She just stared at me, – no, glared – and said NO COFFEE IF YOU DON’T HAVE POINTS. 19 NOT ENOUGH. Screamed that at me. I lost my cool. You can’t make this up.


I said WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE? DO YOU NOT SEE THE RECEIPT? DID I TAKE YOUR RECEIPT TO MY HOTEL, BORROW A TYPEWRITER AND ADD THE LITTLE COUPON AT THE BOTTOM? NO. She yelled back at me and called me STUPID. Then she started speaking some foreign language. I’ve seen it happen before where people revert back to their primary language when they’re angry I guess. But I didn’t know why she was so angry with me! I said you know what? I’m taking the coffee. Goodbye. And I walked out.


As I was getting into my car I saw her writing down my license plate #. I was like Jesus Christ. Angelica yelled at me through the glass that she was calling the police and walked to a back room. I took the coffee back in and said I am not going to deal with police over a 99 cent coffee. You’ve done great customer care here, made a fantastic first impression, and you can have your coffee, thanks.


At that point an older man who I later learned was named Sohail came out of nowhere and got IN MY FACE. He put his finger RIGHT up to my nose, like half an inch away, and said YOU NO TREAT MY EMPLOYEES LIKE THIS PROFANITY WE TAPE EVERYTHING SEE CAMERA! And he kept screaming at me, backing up, then leaning into me as he balked his insults at me. I just stood there. I said you know what? Call the police, please. I’d love to watch this tape and have them see the way I was treated before I raised my tone, have them see how pleasant I was initially, how the situation escalated, and how your store gave me a receipt last night with a coupon on it that you’re not honoring now. I’m pretty sure that’s fraud, or at least false advertising.


The man decided he needed to whip out his small d*ck and said he was the owner of all the 76 gas stations in the Portland, OR area and that I was now banned from every 76 store. I said uhh I’m from the Midwest, I’m here on vacation, I just gave you $80 in business, and thanks again for making a great first impression on the way 76 treats its customers. He said GET OUT!


I said but I am not leaving, even if I’m “kicked out”, until the police come because I’m not having them think I stole a coffee. He said let me look at that. He for the first time looked at the receipt. He said okay, you take coffee. This is our coupon. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


W T F. I said so why did your employee argue with me and yell at me?! And why did you not even look at the receipt before you took her side? And why did you come out only at the very end and not the first moment you heard a commotion out here?


He said we have no way to know you didn’t already get free coffee, this is from last night receipt, and you didn’t pay $80 you pay $5. I said I also got gas. It’s on a different receipt. He said well we still don’t know if you already got free coffee. I said Diego from last night told me to come this morning! And don’t you take the receipt after someone redeems the free coffee coupon!? Or validate it in some way? Or rip it off the bottom?


He started lecturing me again on how he owns all 76 stores and I am banned, take coffee if I want and leave. BTW he isn’t really the owner of anything, he just thinks he is. He’s a FRANCHISEE / “OWNER” of 76 gas station(s). 76 is a company that sells franchise contracts like McDonald’s or even Super 8. He’s back to waving his finger in my face again. I said I was just going to call the corporate office and let them know how customers are treated, and I started walking out. He screamed TAKE COFFEE OR THROW AWAY! I kept walking to my car. I got the corporate phone number from outside the store and called in a complaint. In case you ever have a dispute or complaint with 76 gas stations you will want to call 1-800-527-5476 or email


As I’m on the phone with the corporate office Angelica steps outside with my coffee in her hand and forcefully SLAMS the coffee cup into the garbage can, causing it to splash all over the place as it lands in the bag. I’m like wow, are we 13 years old here? And she proceeds to stand there STARING at me until we finally leave. The whole time Sohail is standing INSIDE and STARING at me.


I own a small business and I cannot fathom treating my customers – much less a brand-new customer – in this way. I’d be out of business so quickly. Sure Angelica could have been a bitch, that happens with minimum wage paid gas station workers I’m sure, but the alleged OWNER or MANAGER? WTF.


So I will leave you with this: Stay away from the 76 gas stations in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas because this d*ck may or may not “own” them. And if my official complaint gets nothing done, people not going to his gas station(s) should hopefully teach him a needed lesson. Thanks for reading my review.

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