Causes and Cures of Small Fiber Neuropathy?

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Here is a scratchpad on some of the things our research has found may cause or contribute to small fiber peripheral neuropathy, and some potential treatment options. Do you have any additions or thoughts?

– SFN can be caused by a Vitamin B12 vitamin deficiency, meaning not enough B12 in the blood.
– SFN can be caused by a Vitamin B6 vitamin excess, meaning way too much B6 in the blood.

The testing currently being done is to figure out what portion of your cells are being affected – the nerves themselves or the myelin sheath. And how severe is the damage? Is it idiopathic, sensory or autonomic? Possible specific neuropathies to be tested for include Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy where your immune system is attacking the sheaths.

Two additional tests that can be done are spinal taps and QSARTs.

In terms of treatment, there are many options as there doesn’t seem to be one set of solid pathways currently spelled out. In no particular order:

IVIg (very expensive though)
Zostrix HP (cream)
Cayenne Powder Capsules
Sublimaze Patch
There was promise with a “new morphine” pain killer called ABT-594 but they stopped human trials due to unacceptable gastroenteral side effects.

7 Responses to “Causes and Cures of Small Fiber Neuropathy?”

  1. Tannerr

    Thank you. I didn’t know all of these only some. I will share with my MD.

  2. Karen Londonn

    I take 100mcg Fentanyl (Sublimaze) patch which I change every 48 hrs for Small Fiber Nerve Peripheral Neuropathy. It has been a Godsend. I’d literally gone to my Dr. crying saying I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. We started out low and worked up. I have found some difference in the quality of the delivery at times. As if it’s not always consisent, I’m changing manufacturers to see if that will eliminate the problem.

    • The Wise Guys


      Please let us know how your results vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It would make sense, as different manufacturers have unique inactive ingredients, fillers, and delivery methods like adhesives.

  3. D. Elis

    I was diagnosed with idiopathic SFN. Aspertame was the cause of my nerve damage and I no longer drink diet coke. After four months of getting aspertame out of my system I am pain free and my nerves are healing.

  4. From John

    Hello everyone. I am lucky i found this site. I have the small fibre neuropathy, my doc told me this. It is not very bad in comparasion with other people. However, i am very affraid and confused. It started six months ago i was feeling very weak and my legs had strange sensations, i started feeling my legs numb and hot, and with strange feelings. I thought this would go but one day i went dancing with my friends and i couldn’t do it. i had to sit down, otherwise i would fall. I started worrying. My parents and i visited the doc, and that doctor sent us to a neurologist. After so many tests, including blood and other like biopsy he told me i had a light small fibre neuropathy. He told me get IVIG. I had the infussion two weeks ago, and i still feel almost the same. No more weakness bot the strange sensations still here, all over my legs. The doctor told me don’t worry that they wil dissapear.

    • The Wise Guys

      We know that IVIg works for some and not for others. We hope you start feeling better, since your doctor seemed to think IVIg was the best course of treatment in your case.


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