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Gluten-Free-Bleu-Cheese-and-Spinach-Puffs-Chris-Byrnes-LLCMy husband and I were dogsitting for some friends of ours, and we didn’t want to eat fast food so we brought along ingredients to make AIM’s gluten free spinach puffs. I was very surprised by how they turned out. It was a nice biscuity texture, and they browned nicely. We had it with some chicken breasts cooked in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.

The muffins weren’t hard to make either. If you have a blender, this helps move things along quicker. Put the eggs in to get that frothy texture and then add everything else. The whole thing took 5 minutes. Once they were in the oven, I just focused on making sure my chicken was completely cooked and seasoned well.

All in all, dinner was ready in 30 minutes, and it was delicious, thanks to AIM’s gluten free flour mix. YUM!

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