The Benefits of Coconut Water – Do They Exist?

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Coconut Water In A Glass - The Wise GuysWe’ve been seeing an influx of coconut water on our local grocery store shelves. We use it when we make our Tropical Shakeology. It tastes amazing. So we got to wondering, is coconut water good for you? Does it actually have any health benefits?

There are no medical studies out there to prove or disprove the supposed benefits of drinking coconut water. “The Huffington Post” reported, “that coconut water has twice the amount of potassium than a banana. It also helps counteract with sodium levels.” In theory, this could help people with high blood pressure offset the sodium that is found in everyday foods.

Regardless of what’s found in coconut water, you shouldn’t drink it after a hard workout. You need the sodium to replenish what you lost by sweating. A sports drink is better for you than coconut water in this scenario. However, if you’re doing a short workout, this is an acceptable drink.

Whether or not coconut water does contain minerals and good nutrition to benefit a healthy lifestyle is up for grabs. But if you think it makes you feel good, then by all means, pour yourself a glass!

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