Wanted: Dancing Paperclip

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Apparently times are tough at good ol’ Tarjay. They can’t even afford spell check.

Take a look at these screenshots, taken from the Target Pharmacy section of target.com at 1:30AM on 1/30/2011.


Pfft, it’s not like a spelling mistake or typo when filling a perscription could have life-threatening consequences — right?

5 Responses to “Wanted: Dancing Paperclip”

  1. Peter Peter
  2. jay

    Days later and it hasn’t been corrected ??

    How funny

  3. Peter Peter

    As of this morning (2/6) it was finally fixed.

  4. Dance of the Brown Duck

    I had to run spell check to make sure I was right. I wondered if anyone else noticed this error.

  5. Taras S

    Nice catch. They still don’t offer the ability to manage your prescriptions online. Walmart and Walgreens (and others) have a nice setup where you can view your rx history, refill prescriptions, transfer prescriptions, print medication receipts for tax purposes at the end of the year, send secure messages to pharmacists, and more. I don’t know why Target can’t get with it by now.


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