The Kombucha Experiment

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It’s really interesting stuff that I just got turned on to from a visit to a fancy organic restaurant.

They take green or black tea (or a mixture) and ferment it for a month. During the fermentation it becomes slightly alcoholic (about .5%) but the primary benefits are that it gains a ton of healthy bacteria and amino acids and antioxidants. It tastes kinda nasty – like a cross between a sparkling green tea with apple cider vinegar mixed it.. but they say it restores balance to your body.

If you Google it you’ll find all sorts of stuff on it including how it can go completely wrong and almost kill you (it has a cult following so people make it at home and don’t get the bacteria right). GT Kombucha is apparently the most popular commercial brand so that’s what I recently purchased and am drinking now. There are several other commercial variations. You’ll most likely find it at a health food store like Fruitful Yield or a Whole Foods/Wild Oats/Trader Joe’s.

More to come.

2 Responses to “The Kombucha Experiment”

  1. bern galvin

    You won’t find kombucha at Trader Joe’s – at least not to this point in time.
    You mention that the kombucha you tried tastes ‘kinda nasty’. It doesn’t have to taste nasty, though most commercial do taste bad. Búcha is one example of a commercial kombucha available mainly in the western US that tastes great – no vinegar taste, no fermentation smell, but still low calorie and plenty of live culture.
    Good luck.

  2. The Wise Guys

    Bern, do you work for this Bucha company? If so are you willing to offer a sample shipment for us to try and report back? The flavors look interesting. I hadn’t heard anything about Bucha before in any of my reading.


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