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Things I don’t like about the new Conan on TBS.

  • Andy Richter. Please get rid of him! I know he was on the very early Late Night show, but Late Night with Conan O’Brien was at its best when Conan was ridin’ primarily solo. Andy is what I like to call a train derailer. What does that mean? Conan will be chuggin’ along toward a great punchline; or perhaps he’s even already made it to the punch with a great joke/story. In comes Andy Richter with some dumb remark that just makes you go ‘Huh?’ He thinks he’s funnier than he is.
  • The Basic Cable Band name is pretty clever. But the new band dynamic leaves something to be desired. Gone is the funny interaction with Max Weinberg. Gone are the comedic stares at La Bamba. There’s just no personality.

Things I’m okay with:

  • The bold show open and show logo.
  • The fresh bumper music.

3 Responses to “Conan on TBS”

  1. moving moon

    conan’s never been better. we’re into his second week and he definitely found his groove. the audience interaction is intimate, the jokes are solid, and the guests are unheard of on a cable tv talk show. go coco.

  2. David S.

    Remember how Conan opened his version of The Tonight Show running across the country because he’d forgotten to move from New York to L.A.? Now we have a blimp stalking Gary Busey. The question is – what has changed?

  3. It's All Conan

    Andy Richter is growing on me. Still, the best part of the show is the opening, the monologue, and the one segment after the first break. At that point I find myself dozing off.


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