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So. Another blog. Even more results in your search engine navigations. Why read–no, why trust The Wise Guys?

Well, first of all, I suppose The Wise Guys could lose the s because it’s just me, for now.  Here’s what happened: I already owned thewiseguys.com domain name and in this down economy, excess spending is a no no. 😉 Plus, who knows, down the line this site may have other contributors. Yeah, that’s it – I’m thinking ahead. I’m prepared.

The slogan, Knowledge from Experience, couldn’t be more true. I’ve had a lot of life adventures – many of them medical in nature, some business and financial-related, and others that have been obscure happenings that yielded unique information others around me found valuable.

And so came The Wise Guys. Posts will be pretty random in subject, but hopefully always beneficial to the reader. Comments, discussions, and opposing points of view are absolutely welcome.

Please enjoy.

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