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Netflix Allegedly Making Progress on Closed Captions for Streaming Content

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Earlier this month we received an important update from the National Association of the Deaf and Netflix regarding a class action lawsuit that was filed in federal court over Netflix’s repeated refusals to provide accessibility of streaming content to the hearing impaired. Here is the press release that was sent out: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October […]

Netflix SUCKS - The Wise Guys

Netflix Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Screws Members

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[Check out:]  Plaintiffs, several former Netflix subscribers, brought a class action against Netflix on their own behalf and on behalf of other subscribers like them on claims that Netflix retained and disclosed information, including records of the movies and TV shows its subscribers viewed, in violation of the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA), California’s […]


Dogsitting Delightful Dish

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My husband and I were dogsitting for some friends of ours, and we didn’t want to eat fast food so we brought along ingredients to make AIM’s gluten free spinach puffs. I was very surprised by how they turned out. It was a nice biscuity texture, and they browned nicely. We had it with some […]

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Which Milk is the Best?

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I recently made my weekly grocery trip to the store to stock up on necessities for that week’s meals. One thing I always get is milk to use in our protein shake. But if you’re like me, you come upon the shelf that contains the milk and you’re faced with several options.There’s cow milk, soy […]